About The Book

Do you know what is the fastest–growing and most important trend in the world of food right now?

Food Trucks.

There is a large, mobile food revolution going on around the country and Houston is emerging as an important scene for food trucks.

Houston’s Top 100 Food Trucks is a tour of the hottest food trucks in Houston with full reviews and descriptions of 100 of the city’s 1,400 foods trucks. The author cites many industry experts and explains how many different trends have led to the growth of food trucks. These trends include the launching of new, chef-driven trucks. How the downturn in the economy lead to the need to find more economical ways of satisfying our hunger, the explosion of social media which made it easy for truck owners to tweet their whereabouts, specials, etc. and how many of us have turned into a nation of foodies always looking for a new culinary experience.

The heavily illustrated book shows how national and local restaurant chains as well as many companies and organizations from Macy’s and Oscar Mayer to Air France and Pusser’s Rum use food trucks to promote their brand or as promotional vehicles to stay close to their consumers.

The top 100 food trucks in Houston are listed along with their address, phones numbers and webpages, where applicable. Each truck is detailed along with the story that makes it special. This is followed by a review of the food available. Photos of the trucks’ exteriors, interiors, owners and, of course, the food make this visually very appealing.  This section of the book documents Houston’s cultural and culinary diversity as demonstrated by the different ethnic cuisines available at the various mobile food units throughout the city.

In addition to these top 100 trucks, you’ll also find the various a truck clusters around the city; streets where you will find large numbers of food trucks. In this section, 185 trucks are photographed and listed. You will also find tips on how to approach the food truck scene for maximum enjoyment. Finally, a glossary of terms encountered on the various trucks listed is also provided.

This book is all about the trucks, the food and the fun of eating street food in Houston.